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Our Story

We are a couple, 35 years old, Holistic therapists for body, Mind and spirit.

In recent years, we have devoted ourselves to nomadic life and learning.

We went around the world acquiring many tools from different cultures.

Now we feel ready to share the knowledge and tools acquired to others that intresting in the process of self-discovery to balance and healthy life.

Our story begins about 10 years ago when we decided to become a couple and live together sharing and Loving life.

From the beginning we realized that in order to live in a relationship, in love, in health and in harmony, we would have to learn and do a lot of work.

This is how we embarked on an exploratory journey about ourselves, about the other, and focused on a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

We studied psychology, sociology and philosophy in academia. Then we went on to more alternative methods like Yoga, Tai chi and more. Next, we decided to dive deeper into the Ayurveda ('knowledge of life') theory, which includes philosophy, nutrition, herbs, contact treatments and more... We studied in Israel, India, Europe and acquired many tools for treatment.

With natural flow, in recent years we have also begun to delve into the field of energy work, work that is now called Energetic Psychology.

Also, we expended into the world of Classical Greek Astrology.

Today, we are living in Portugal, we choose it because of the opportunity to live close to Nature. We live with focus on the day to day balance life, with good nutrition, daily yoga practice and more.


We continue to learn and develop more and more every day and also to share our knowledge and experience with others, by giving guidance and therapy through online chat or face to face meetings.  

You are Invited to contact us by massage with any question or comment, we are Happy to share our knowledge and experience with you :)

Also, you are welcome to join our journey through our Alternative Blog for inspiration and tips on healthy balance alternative lifestyle.

Oscar & Noa
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