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Oscar Vul

Hello, I'm Oscar Vul, 35. Nice to meet you :)


All my life I explored the person's connection with food, I research the

ancient medicines and nutrition throughout history.  Aditionally, I

learned Ayurveda, yoga, and astrology.



Today I share the knowledge as nutrition consultant and give

guidance for healthy lifestyle.

I'm Holistic Therapist and a Teacher for Ayurveda and Yoga, Astrology researcher, Herbalist, a Chef & Culinary Consultant :)

My Journey in Alternative Healing world began 10 years ago. Although I led a relatively healthy lifestyle (or so I thought). At age 25, I began to have pretty troublesome medical problems that I couldn't get answers from conventional medicine...


So I decided to try Alternative medicine, I started practicing yoga and meditation daily, changed my diet and soon came the results. My physical problems began to heal, my body become stronger and more flexible and of course there was a significant change in my mood and consciousness as well.

It gave me great motivation to pursue alternative medicine research and so I discovered the Ayurveda, when my yoga teacher recommended that I become acquainted with it, and indeed I strongly endorsed it and dived into the Ayurveda world.

I studied in Israel and trained as an Ayurveda therapist, then continued and expanded my studies also in India, Ayurveda's homeland.

At the same time, I continued to work professionally in the field of cooking and food, the rich world of Ayurveda had deepened my knowledge in this area as well, thus creating a natural combination of practice in the field of cooking and therapy.

I continued to explore and learn other alternative methods such as yoga, astrology and a variety of ancient teachings and innovative methods that focus on a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

I practiced therapy and teaching about Ayurveda, culinary advice and a herbalist, I guided healthy cooking workshops and more.

Today my treatment method is holistic based on all the knowledge I have gained. Of course the emphasis is on Ayurveda, yoga and astrology - The three pillars of my treatment method.

I continue to guide, advise and share what I learned through online chat, which allows a personal guidance of the healing process. 

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