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Noa Vul

תנוחת הלוחם (ויראבדראסאנה), מעלה אצלי תח

Hello, I'm Noa Vul, 35. Nice to meet you :)

All my life I explored the Human connections.

I research the Human inner and outer world (Thoughts, behaviors,

relationships, Beliefs). 

Additionally, I learned Psychology, Yoga, Theta Healing and Astrology.

Today I share the knowledge as Holistic consultant and give

guidance for healthy lifestyle.

I'm Holistic Therapist using Energetic Psychology, Teacher for Yoga, and Astrology researcher :)

My Journey in Alternative Healing world began 10 years ago. After I finished B.A. in Criminology, Psychology, Sociology & Anthropology. I felt there is more ways to look and understand the inner and outer world of self and social connection. So I continued to discover the world of Yoga.


I'm a Yoga Teacher for the last 4 years, and daily practicing for the last 8 years. I'm teaching Classical Hatha Yoga, Putting focus on the communication and the relation between the physical body, emotional center and the mind.


After I started research the energies world and learned theta healing, and understand how to balance energies and make peace with thoughts and beliefs by theta healing.

I combined the Academy Knowledge with the esoteric knowledge to healing tool called Energetic Psychology.


These last years I learned ancient Greek astrology and discover a wide world of knowledge that give another prospective to the process of self-discovery.

I continued to explore and learn other alternative methods and a variety of ancient teachings and innovative methods that focus on a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Today my treatment method is holistic based on all the knowledge I have gained. Of course the emphasis is on Energies, Yoga and Astrology - The three pillars of my treatment method.

I continue to guide, advise and share what I learned through online chat, which allows a personal guidance of the healing process.

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