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Ayurveda is the Knowledge of Life (meaning Sanskrit name), this doctrine was originally developed in India about 4000 years ago.

Ayurveda is The traditional Hindu system of medicine, which is based on the idea of balance body systems and uses diet, herbal treatment, and yogic breathing.

Ayurveda Approach is to give answer to health problems varied, as well as to preserve the health balance.

The literal meaning of Ayurveda is Ayur - life, and Veda - knowledge.

It's one of the first medical teachings put into writing (about 2500 years ago) in the book of 'Charka Samhita'.

Ayurveda is eternal and cross-cultural (suitable for anytime and anywhere), it does not speak of a specific disease or plant but a holistic theory that looks at the whole of human, and analyzes the pathological state according to what is happening at that moment with the language of elements, qualities and doshas.

According to Ayurveda, everything in the world consists of five elements:

space (space), air (movement), fire (conversion from sites to matter), water and soil (material).


Every material in nature has quality or several qualities and through which we can understand it. There are ten main qualities of language that are used as language:

hot and cold, light and heavy, dry and greasy, sticky and clear, sharp and dark, liquid and solid, hard and soft, smooth and rough, refined and rough, stable and portable.


If so, there is no healthy or unhealthy, there are simply different qualities and what benefits one can be harmful to another. It's been said that any substance can be amazing drug and the same substance can be perfect poison. Depending on who uses it, when, how much and how.


To understand who fits what, we have the language of doshas: Vata, Pita and Kapha.


Vata represents the air and space, it is responsible for the movement of the body. Slowed identified with the nervous system.


Pita represents fire and water and is responsible for the conversion. The body is identified with the digestive system and blood.


Kapha represents the earth and the water and is responsible for stability and the foundation, which is essentially the material of which the body consists. The body is identified with the lymphatic system, lipids and muscles. 


Each of the doshas has characteristics that help us understand them, diagnose them, and understand their operation.

The three doshas exist in every living being, just like the five elements but the balance between them is dynamic and changing and every living being has its dominant doshas.


In fact Vata is movement, Pita power converter and Kapha substance.

Our therapeutic tools actually include everything that is (holistically) dependent - in place, time and patient condition. The important thing is actually the diagnosis and understanding of the patient's pathology. In order to tailor the exact program to the patient's needs.


The choice of therapeutic action can be varied, with nutrition and lifestyle being the most effective tools, because it can be applied at any moment.



Yoga is an ancient philosophy and theory, originated in India.

The purpose of this is to empower and develop personally by practicing the mind and body to control them completely. By controlling the mind and  body the yogi brings itself to release from suffering in the physical life.

Over the years, various currents and techniques have developed in yoga and many tools have been used by practitioners.

Today we have vast knowledge accumulated over 5000 years that can serve us for our development and health.

Yoga appears as one of the six major schools of Hindu philosophy, is comprised of various layers and integrated into many streams originating from a Hindu wisdom.


It is customary to translate Sanskrit the meaning of the word "yoga" as Unity, concentration, and intention.


The yoga process was defined by Patanjali (one of the major figures in the yoga world) as follows: "Yoga is the restriction of the vibrations of consciousness".


In this state, consciousness is peaceful and allows union with the eternal self.

First and foremost, it is important to remember that yoga in its early days was a technique for practicing mind control and not a technique for working on the body, as we know it today. In fact, the yoga practitioner tried to control his consciousness completely and by quieting it by directing his attention from the outside world around him into his inner world and thus attaining deep inner peace - Nirvana.

The tool used by the yogi to practice the control of his mind is meditation. The intention is to be in a state of concentration without judgment and analysis but simply observing things as they really are.

Over the years, yoga has evolved into different currents, but the main thing remains the same and the same tool - meditation.

Nowadays you can see the popular, physical yoga that uses the body and movement to make it easier for the practitioner to enter a meditation state.

In addition, the techniques of breathing, guided imagination, dance and of course integration between techniques for holistic practice.

Importantly, yoga is not a religion. Therefore, it is not based on faith but on experience and direct experience. This is how it maintains universality and eternity and can thus integrate into many social systems and cultures without being a threat to them.


Yoga is a way of life that manifests itself in everything. In other words, yoga teaches us to know ourselves through observing how we think, eat, sleep, have relationships with the environment, with ourselves and up to the level of each inhalation and exhale. In doing so, we provide healing and control tools for clean and clear consciousness.

This amazing technique, which has been proven for thousands of years, as a very effective therapeutic tool on all the variety of tools in this teaching, such as body work, coordination, breathing techniques, concentration exercises, positive thinking, and of course meditation.


Astrology (Astro- Star and Logos- logic) is based on the celestial movements in our solar system and their impact on what is happening on Earth, and so on us.

Since the dawn of humanity, people have been watching stars and trying to interpret their moves, there has been no human culture on earth that has not linked its myths, institutions and identities to stars. In each astrology culture, various calculation methods and symbols were based on many astrological methods.

Today, most of Greek astrology is recognized by the assumption that the Greeks are the ones who developed the "horoscope" (Hora -hour, scopes- observation), a very important tool in astrology.

The personal astrological chart allows us to see the celestial array at birth.

This information gives us a great deal of knowledge about who we were in the beginning, that is, at our birth.

This information helps us understand what our tendencies are, what our strengths and weaknesses are, and keep in mind that from a medical point of view we should strive for this initial condition.

Therefore, the personal astrological chart is an important tool in the process of returning to health or preserving health, as well as being an amazing tool for personal development.

This amazing technique, which has been proven for thousands of years, as a very effective therapeutic tool for Personal and social development.

The birth chart reveals our phisical and mental balance as a personal map that Unique for each one.


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